Meet Michael Leipold

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Decorated military leader, dedicated civil servant, family man, and devout Christian, Michael David Leipold, Sr. has a vision for this nation, and a heart for the citizens of Ohio. 

Michael began his 22-year military career with a desire to serve his country, and fell in love with the challenge, camaraderie, and focus on excellence.  As an Apache pilot, Michael deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and multiple other areas in the middle east six times to fight terrorism.  He was driven to fight the enemy on their own soil and protect the citizens of our nation from the potential of another 9-11attack.  

As a chief warrant officer and maintenance test pilot, Michael ensured the training of soldiers, and worked with all levels of military and civilian leaders to provide quality aircraft for the war-fighter.  His excellence as a military leader earned him numerous awards and recognitions including the Meritorious Service Medal and the Air Medal for valor on two separate occasions. 

Upon retirement from the U.S. Army, Michael continued to serve others in his role as a first responder EMS pilot.  Here his ability to lead while making wise decisions under stressful conditions shines.  He has flown with MedFlight of Ohio for six years, and has enjoyed working with local and state law enforcement, firefighters, and medical personnel.

When off duty, Michael will often be found at home, where his role as devoted husband and father, is praised by his wife and children.  “Family is everything,” declares the father of eight.  “Family is where it begins; it’s your support, and first community.”

His devotion to family stems from his faith.  “My values are based upon my biblical convictions.  They guide me in my everyday activities,” says Michael.  

Michael’s military and civil-servant experience, his teambuilding skills, his ability to remain calm under extreme pressure, as well as his character and biblical values, make him the candidate who will serve you with excellence, integrity, and honor in the U.S. Senate.   


Proven Leadership 

  • Six deployments as an Air Mission Commander in numerous combat locations
  • Served in senior level positions as an advisor and Subject Matter Expert
  • Excels in team building and force projection
  • Leads by example and doesn’t shy away from tough situations
  • Takes the initiative and is proactive on issues that need addressed
  • Compassionate servant leader that has the interest of the citizens of Ohio at heart


Michael Is a proven and trustworthy leader that can be depended upon to get the job done in the U.S. Senate





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Why I am running

“I am running for the United States Senate because I believe that the citizens of the great state of Ohio deserve better. Our country is at a pivotal time in its history and needs strong leaders that are transparent in their dealings. Elected officials should have the interests of their constituents at the forefront of their endeavors and I aim to change the current climate of the senate by responsible representation.”


On Tuesday, November 8, 2022 Vote For Michael Leipold For U.S. Senate

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